Tops Tips for Busy Escort.

You may think that working for a London escorts service is going to be like any other job that you may find in London. At least that is what I first thought when I joined a cheap outcall escorts service. I think that most girls do this, but working for London escorts is not like a regular job at all. As a matter of fact, it is anything but. The first challenge you will come across is shift work. How do you handle shift work, and are you cut out for it in the first place? Working late at night can be especially challenging.

When I joined London escorts, I thought that I had landed on my feet. I thought that I would be able to come off my London escorts shift and go straight home to bed. That is something that just does not happen. Once you get home, you will realise that you need to chill out. It takes me about an hour chill out after my London escorts shift. Most of the time I seldom get into bed before 3 am. I thought that I would get plenty of time to get some sleep and be ready to go the next day.

Working for a London escorts service does not leave you with a lot of time on your hands. You need to be super organised and always on the ball when you work for London escorts. I thought that I would get plenty of time to go to the gym, shopping and run errands during the day. However, you are lucky if you do. Most of the time I have the time to go to the gym to keep for London escorts and that is about it. After that, I have to rush home to get ready for my London escorts shift. It is not what I had expected at all.

Most of the other girls I work with at London escorts have got what they call a cover job. It is something they do on the side of working for London escorts. You can’t really put down that you used to work for a London escorts service on your CV, so I had to get a cover job. Some girls do their cover jobs every day but I am not sure how they can handle that. I do my cover job on a Saturday as this is the only day of the week I can actually handle it if you know what I mean.

I don’t regret becoming involved with London escorts at all. It is a job that pays very well. However, don’t for one moment think that working for a London escorts service is going to be a doodle. It is hard work and if you would like to make the most of it. You do have to your job seriously. That being said, working for an escort service in London is great fun at the same time. I tried other careers before I joined, but it would be fair to say that nothing turned me on as much as working for London escorts

The Satisfaction of Trying Different Sexual Positions

The main reason why most people love escorts is that they are not only professionals but you can be assured of total satisfaction. Spending a night with an escort is a whole lot different than doing the same with your lover. Do you have a sexual fantasy that you have always wanted to explore? Well, an escort of can make your fantasy a reality! Most people are usually afraid or shy to ask their partners to try out some new and crazy stuff. But, with an escort, there’s no need to fear. After all, sex was made to be fun. To get maximum satisfaction, you should try out different positions with an escort. Here are some great sex positions that will give you 100% satisfaction with an escort.

1. The Woman on Top

This is the best position for you to get maximum satisfaction from an escort. Escorts are professionals at what they do. Allowing her to be on top can blow your mind. In this position, she will climb on top of you and ride you in that position. This won’t only give you a great view of her front goodies, but your hands will be free to touch whatever pleases you.

2. Life on The Edge

This is a recent one, but it’s excellent at granting you satisfaction. The life on the edge sex position entails the woman sitting at the edge of the sofa or the bed while spreading her legs. The man should then enter her from the front. This gives you total control over her vagina. And you can go as deep as possible.

3. The Lift-off

The lift-off is another excellent satisfying position. Here, the man should raise the woman and hold her butt in the air as she straddles him. This is an excellent sex position to try with small or petite escorts because the lifting does require some energy. Nonetheless, this position guarantees steamy and satisfying sex.

4. The Lusty Leapfrog

There’s nothing that’s as orgasmic as letting a woman mount you. This position is all about that. Here, the escort will straddle you while you are lying on the bed and facing up. She will assume a squirting position and will insert your penis into her. This position allows you to control the speed and thus satisfying you fully.

Here are four great sex positions you can try with an escort and gain maximum pleasure. The mistake that most men do when they are with an escort is jumping into bed and getting it over with. But, this shouldn’t be the case. An escort can please and satisfy you like you have never been before, as long as you use the right position.